Pioneering the great gold rush (uh, Cuervo Gold) of the early 80’s & the historic stampede West(West Village, that is)Tortilla Flats remains an innovator in eclectic & eccentric N.Y. life. The fun is friendly, the margaritas are magic, & the food is fantastic. It's city history in the making; it's the future of fun.

Y’know the word Mexican is derived from "mexclar': to mix" & that’s just what Tortilla Flats is about, a playful mix of music & people, great food & drinks.

Our philosophy is simple:
Great food, music & margaritas always flavored with fun.

"It’s like a tree house for New Yorkers."

"Fun & comfortable for everybody"

"No velvet rope."

Whether its just a couple of friends or a roomful of party smart patrons, the method of the magic is great music, amazing margaritas, & the best in Tex Mex dining.
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