(Some of our events are even scheduled.)

Monday & Tuesday nights:
Experience the thrill of being a . Tingle with the sensation of a roomful of Wildcards grappling with the great game. This is edge of your seat action & titillating group excitement ignited by the outrageous coupling of numbers & letters.

Wednesday nights:
Yes, Hula Hoops. Everybody is invited to participate in this dazzling spectacle of hips in hula-hoops breaking the grip of gravity. Enjoy grown-ups gone giddy as they rock the swinging ring. Prizes & preposterous fun. And remember...you’ve gotta be in it to spin it.

Sunday nights:
Do you have a knack for nonsense, a gift for the goofy? Are you a student of trivia or just plain lucky? Well, even if you’ve never won a teddybear on the midway…this is your day! Prizes, punchlines & perks.
   Wear your pajamas for VIP treatment.
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