Nonagenarian actor and American National Treasure Ernest Borgnine will be honored for the 18th consecutive year at Tortilla Flats Restaurant on Wednesday, the 17th of February 2010 commencing at 6:00 PM.

Attendees, donning Borgnine masks and “We Love Ernie” emblazoned sailor hats, celebrate the life and work of the legendary actor by answering Ernie trivia questions, playing Pin the Grin, (whereby blindfolded contestants try to stick cutouts of Mr. Borgnine’s trademark gap-toothed smile onto an oversized poster of his face), and competing in the Ernest Borgnine Look-Alike Contest.

Press Release
New York, August 12-15, 2008

Ernie Makes a Special Guest Apprearance at Tortilla Flats for a book signing, does an interview with WABC's Good Morning America, WNYC's Leonard Lopate and reveals the Secret of Life on Fox & Friends!

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ERNIE reveals the SECRET OF LIFE! YouTube

ABC News Good Morining America, FULL INTERVIEW

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Ernest Borgnine
January 24, 1917 - July 8, 2012
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